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Front-Door Trend   History
  Casetronic was found in 1990 and established in the Silicon Vallet, CA in March of 2000. In the Year 2003, TRAVLA, both brand name and company was founded, specializing in mini-itx and small form factor enclosure design and manufacturing. With a comprehensive portfolio of standard and customized products, TRAVLA can satisfy an array of demanding applications. Efficient aqnd effective integration enables rapid development of even the most customized products.
  Continuing with Casetronic's experience, TRAVLA is now one of the world leaders in design, development and manufacture of "mini" enclosures and supports the barebone ideal for vertical industry. Headquartered in California, United States, TRAVLA's global network links the high tech system integrators in many unique applications and continues to offer new products and services that constantly confirms our position as one of the industry leaders.
travla design   Travla-trend
  TRAVLA Trend aims to pioneer crafted style by synchronizing market applications and user interface etc. TRAVLA's mission is to provide technical and fashionable elements in the electronic enclosure by artisanship R&D engineers. With advanced design experiences and quick Time-to-Market, TRAVLA offers the most flexibility of partnering with your business
  Travla mini-itx
  At TRAVLA, design is beyond mere mimic styling of other existing products and look-alike PC cases. In our philosophy, design unites aesthetics and function, creating unique, special-purpose enclosures. TRAVLA Trend is leading the small-form factor electronic systems to reshape the future.
  The quality of finishes and craftsmanship of TRAVLA's electronic enclosures ensures outstanding and cutting-edge designs. Our uncompromising attitude toward quality and remarkable design experiences are the prime reasons TRAVLA possesses distinctive value in the market. We also offer tailor-made solutions to a variety of industries that put a premium on quality and design. The tailor-made concept and fully integrated solutions from TRAVLA will always meet perfectly with a variety of project requirements.


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