Fanless Enclosure

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Fanless Enclosure

Travla offers a wide variety of fanless enclosures designed for mini-itx, pico, nano and rackmounts. Excellent for...



  • Fanless - Mini-ITX

    Explore our selection of fanless mini-itx chassis built with innovative passive thermal cooling technology. Also available with Intel Motherboard solutions.

  • Fanless - Nano-ITX

    Nano-ITX fanless chassis with innovative passive thermal cooling technology - specially designed for VIA Nano-ITX series motherboards

  • Fanless - Pico-ITX

    Introducing fanless enclosures for VIA Pico-ITX motherboards. Engineered specially for VIA series mainboards, these fanless enclosures are designed with the latest in innovative passive thermal cooling technology.

  • Fanless - 1U IPC

    Travla's leading innovation is the Fanless Rackmount enclosure designed for multiple use across wide range of applications. The 1U fanless rackmount enclosures have a broad range of storage and expansion capabilities. With years of experience in rackmount engineering, we can work with any special needs or OEM requirements.


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